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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Los Angeles' Festival of Lights

Having been coerced by my wife into seeing the "L.A. Festival of Lights" for the first time, I came away from the experience very disillusioned. A more apt name for this event would be a "Festival of Tail-Lights", as that's what we stared at for 90 minutes.
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We sat in traffic from 7:00 until 8:45,suffering through hundreds of uncaring, inconsiderate motorists constantly attempting to cut into the lines rather than wait like the rest of us. There was a major traffic snarl on all roads leading to the mouth of Griffith Park, with not a traffic control officer to be found anywhere. After finally getting to the display I was forced to ask the question "What was all the fuss about?" This so-called "festival" was, in this writer's opinion, nothing more than an amateurish second-rate effort. While the colorful, but sparse display would probably be very enjoyable for toddlers, it was definitely not adult fare. In fact, many of the displays were ads for the local utility companies!

Judging by the unbelievably long lines and lack of organization exhibited by the parks department, I feel someone needed to speak out.
If you want to really see the "Festival of lights", take your family for a ride through your local neighborhood to experience real American creativity at work. You'll see much more in just twenty minutes than you would in two or more hours of waiting at Griffith Park.

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Paul M